Holistic Therapies

I offer a wide range of treatments including

  • NO HANDS Massage
  • Emmett Technique
  • Head Massage
  • Trauma Discharge Therapy
  • INNER CHILD Mindfulness Massage 
  • Angelic Touch Clothed Massage
  • Colon/Abdominal Massage
  • Hopi Ear Candling
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki

Information & prices for treatments below

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NO HANDS® Massage

NO HANDS® Massage has been developed over 20 years by Gerry Pyves initially to prevent therapists becoming injured through massage work to totally transforming the power of touch, the effects and outcomes that every client can achieve.

NO HANDS Massage is performed by using the soft part of the forearm. This surface moulds to the contours of the body feeling soft yet deep and powerful to the client. Due to the larger surface area this creates to be massaged with, a larger area of tension is release without pain unlike the pin-pointed pressure of the fingers and thumbs. The absence of pain allows the client to feel at ease with treatment and enhances the ability for release.

The power of the NO HANDS Touch can enable a client to release and let go not only to achieve their desired outcome but for life transformations if wished.


In this society where stresses are high this treatment can help combat many types of stresses and problems or used to maintain good health.



Physical work, Builders, Drivers etc often suffer with lower back ache, neck and shoulder tension, headaches.

Police and Fire services and Medical professions often have disturbed sleep due to shift patterns, shock and emotional trauma, physical tensions.

Office Workers often suffer with neck and shoulder tension due to sitting at a computer, poor circulation and restless achy legs due to sitting. Stress for meeting deadlines, targets etc. When under pressure this type of stress can cause headaches, high blood pressure, tiredness and lack of energy and focus.


Relationship problems can be very difficult to cope with such as divorce or separation giving a feeling of unhappiness, low-self esteem, confusion, insomnia etc.

Depression or feeling low through an emotional trauma or just life in general can cause energy levels to be very low, negative thought patterns, short tempered, trapped, alone etc.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This is a stress related condition with which many people suffer. This is treated with the NOHANDS ABDOMINAL Massage which works deep yet comfortably on the colon and is highly effective in improving the workings of the colon to eliminate the waste efficiently. Bloating, constipation, headaches, lower back ache and energy levels are all improved.

Weight training/exercise

After exercise and especially weight training muscles need to repair to re-build stronger. The body has to work harder to heal the muscles and often the immune system is affected. This treatment will help to get rid of the waste after training which causes the soreness felt bring fresh blood supply, oxygen and nutrients for the muscles to repair with prevention of scar tissue or muscles to be worked out again when not fully healed. Sports Massage Available for Deep Tissue Massage

Trauma Discharge Therapy

Every single person holds a level of trauma. Trauma is held in the body, in the nervous system and depending on how much is held determines the kind of ailments present.
Trauma causes stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, aches, pains, fibromyalgia, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, worrying, restlessness etc.
Why is this Trauma present?
There are two main types of trauma. Individual trauma which is created by traumatic personal events, such as abuse, accidents or loss and there is ambient trauma caused by events that we see in the news or hearing an upsetting story from a friend. We are affected by ambient trauma because of mirror neurons and this is why we yawn when we see someone else yawn. So even if you have had a good childhood and not experienced tragic events, you will see suffering which will be held in your body.
Stress and anxiety is so high because our nervous systems are literally full of trauma.
The Good News
It has now been proven by the Neuroscientists that a particular type of Touch can remove trauma from the body, the nervous system.
A Trauma Discharge Therapy Massage Treatment discharges the ambient trauma so that your nervous systems do not become overloaded. By having this treatment regularly, even just once a month, builds your resilience. The more resilient you are the less trauma your body will hold.
This treatment can be given either with oil or without if you are more comfortable staying clothed.
This is a very comfortable treatment to receive and tailor made to you, like all my massage treatments. It is so important not to receive painful treatments as this just adds to your trauma levels. Talking about traumas does not get rid the trauma you hold but actually causes it to increase. With all my massage treatments we focus on how you want to feel and bringing loving attention to enable you to feel physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.

INNER CHILD Mindfulness Massage and Trauma Discharge Therapy

Are you feeling
Tired, exhausted, depleted, emotional, fed up, unhappy, stressed with lots of negative thoughts?

Yes..then your body is holding a high level of trauma and your Inner Child is asking for loving attention.
This massage is nurturing, balancing, healing and reaches the part of you that needs to be seen and held to receive the attention it desperately needs.

Touch is healing and essential for wellbeing but it is so important to receive the right Touch for you. I create a safe space and safe Touch for you so you feel supported and looked after, a space where you can allow your inner child to be present, to receive. You will also receive Touch that is proven to discharge trauma from your body.

I have trained extensively in Touch over the last 30 years and I am a Master Practitioner in NO HANDS Massage, Trauma Discharge Therapy, Reiki and qualified in many complimentary therapies.

All treatments are tailor made to suit YOU.
You will be immersed in the most perfect Touch for YOU with the most beautiful music as part of your treatment to deliver just the right Touch.
When you experience this 100% attention, this exquisite Touch, it truly is transformational, leaving you feeling balanced again.

The treatment can be done with you clothed and covered to keep you warm and cosy or with the use of oil.
If you are feeling in need of a deep rest and really want to give yourself time the 90 minute session is ideal.

Angelic Touch Clothed Massage

If you are feeling tired, exhausted, depleted, emotional, achy, unhappy, fed up, stressed and in need of a rest then it is time to start thinking of YOU.

Angelic Touch will leave you feeling nurtured, rested, energised, happy, calm, comfortable in your body, balanced and grounded.

Angelic Touch is a combination of the beautiful feel of NO HANDS Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Emmett Moves. Each treatment is tailor made, like with the oiled sessions, but you wear loose clothing and are cover with a fleece blanket. You will be treated from your head right down to your toes.

This is a wonderful balancing treatment where you will feel, supported, cared for, looked after and held. When you experience this 100% attention, this exquisite Touch, it truly is Transformational.

30 minute Treatments

Colon/Abdominal Massage

Head Massage

Foot Massage

Back Massage

Emmett Technique


60 minute and 90 minute Treatments

Full body Massage with oil

Angelic Touch Clothed Massage


Treatments will vary due to the outcomes you want each session

Every massage session is tailor-made to meet your needs. I will discuss the Massage and/or combination of therapies to help achieve your outcome.

Treatment Price

90 minute session £60.00

60 minute Session £45.00

30 minute Session £25.00


Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi ear is a cotton tube impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils. When lit it draws out impurities and generates heat which when combined with the oils produce a light sucking motion. This is known as the chimney principle and works by drawing impurities gently to the surface where they can be removed.


Hopi Ear relieves pain, enhances hearing and in some cases even taste and smell.

Helps to reduce noise in the ear, including ringing and tinnitus.

Loosens compacted wax.

Helps to combat chronic tinnitus, headaches, flu, glue ear, migraines and Sinusitis

Can reduce jaw pain and good before flying.


Should not be performed if any infection present, after recent ear surgery or if patient has grommets or perforated drum.

45 min Session £28.00

Includes a facial massage


Reflexology is a non-invasive deeply relaxing therapy which has been shown to be effective in the relief of many health problems such as Back Pain, Migraine, Sleep Disorders, Fertility, Arthritis, Digestive Disorders and Stress-related Conditions.

Conventional or NO HANDS Reflexology available

45 Minute Session £40.00


Gentle treatment using Universal Life-Force Energy so that you can heal on all levels. Everyone and every condition can benefit from Reiki energy.

1 Hour Session £40.00

Therapies can be booked in Norfolk at Northwold.

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