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I offer coaching for couples and individuals. I offer sessions in Norfolk at Northwold. I can also offer coaching via email. 

Coaching focuses on what is present in your life right now, looking at limiting beliefs, creating awareness so you can make conscious choices to live a fulfilling balanced life, in all areas of your life and creating a plan of action. This is not therapy so you do not need to relive experiences from your past, although I create a safe space for you to express whatever you need to without judgement and totally confidentiality.

All the forms of Coaching I offer are to empower you, to learn new life skills to create the life you want.

You can be in control of your life.

You can have a balanced life.

You can understand your thoughts and feelings without being controlled by them.

You can understand your fears and how they limit you, this then enables you to make better choices.

You can learn to love yourself, be kinder to yourself and to others.

You can have loving fulfilling relationships.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships can be very challenging but with the right perspective they are an opportunity for growth.

You can have a fulfilling loving exciting relationship if both are willing to make the investment to learn to make things better.  I treat you both as the unique individuals you are. You will not be blamed or made to feel like it’s all your fault, instead we focus on understanding of yourself and each other to discover what is important to you individually and as a couple.

Many couples become disconnected as the commitments of life and limiting beliefs get in the way, leaving you disconnected and feeling that you don’t even love each other anymore. Coaching can help you reconnect again and make your relationship better than it ever was.  However, there are times, when you are just too different, want different things from life but coaching can make things become clearer so you can move forward in an empowered way, helping you realise change is essential for you to live a happy fulfilling life.

Confidence Coaching

Many things in life can knock confidence levels so it is essential to discover what is important to you. You can grow in confidence with more awareness and understanding of yourself.  One step at a time, with a change of perspective and learning new skills to help you feel empowered in situations you would normally feel uncomfortable with. You will be able to live your life from your own values without the need of approval from others and feel good about the choices you make.

Health and Well-Being Coaching

Self care is essential for a balanced, happy, healthy life. I will help you put together a Self-care toolbox so that you are able to give yourself what you need, whether that’s something you do for yourself or gain support from someone or in a group activity.

There are many areas that can be covered from weight issues, eating habits, ailments, work life balance, fun and joy in your life, friends, family.  This is looking at what you need to live a healthy, balanced life.

Coaching Prices


1 hour session £45

3 x 1 hour session £120

6 x 1 hour session £210


1 hour session £55

3 x 1 hour session £150

6 x 1 hour session £270

Coaching sessions can be booked with me in Norfolk at Northwold or Norwich.

I offer Transform Your Life Email Coaching

Transform Your Life One to One Sessions by Email

This service is for anyone who lives too far to be able to attend workshops or face to face sessions in Norfolk or anyone who feels more comfortable being in the comfort of their own home.


  • get support when you need it and at the frequency you choose
  • you can take the time you need to express what you need to say and at a convenient time for you
  • you have time to reflect on your situation and the response I give
  • I have time to read your email and give you a through response
  • You can keep referring back to my response as and when you need too
  • You can work at your own pace
  • You can think things through at your leisure
  • You can be anywhere in the world to use this service

Support and Guidance  

Helps you

  • make positive changes
  • improve your relationships
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • understand behaviours, thoughts and feelings
  • discover what you want and how to give this to yourself
  • live in love and release your fears
  • change the way you think to change your life
  • deal with separation and loss
  • deal with a change of direction, career changes, new adventures
  • work towards self mastery
  • reduce stress
  • be happy and joyful


Each email costs £35.

You choose the frequency, weekly, fortnightly, 3 weekly, monthly.

You may choose weekly or fortnightly if you need support and guidance when working through a particular problem or issue.

You may choose 3 weekly or monthly if you are seeking guidance to improve your life and relationships or working towards self-mastery.

All you do is pay then send your email and I will respond within 3 days.  I will spend up to an hour responding to you.  Your emails are confidential and will be for my eyes only.

When you begin please email me requesting this service. I will respond with payment details and ask some more information about you.  Once you have paid, send me your first email, I will give you directions regarding this in my initial response to you.

Subsequent emails just pay and send your email.

I look forward to hearing from you, supporting you and empowering you on your journey of life

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