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What is Transformational Dance?

Transformational Dance is the healing dance that everyone can do.

Movement is essential for your body and well-being.

There are 4 parts to the dance

Grounding working with the element of Earth

In this part of the dance you spend time connecting to the Earth and connecting to your body. Being grounded and connected to the physical helps you to manifest the things you want in your life.  If you struggle to make your dreams a reality, you are most likely ungrounded.

Flowing working with the element of water

In this part of the dance you start to flow, to expand into the space around you and enjoy the freedom of movement.  If you do not flow in life, you will stagnate and feel stuck.  Flow allows freedom and movement for things to flow to you.

Vibration working with the element of fire

In this part of the dance you move to raise your energy.  Moving faster, freeing up the flow of your energy in your body, allowing your energy to build. A good energy flow helps you feel alive, energised and motivated, moving you into action.

Healing working with the element of Air

In this part of the dance you connect with your breathing, using the energy you have just raised for healing.  Healing happens with high vibrational energy. You may find yourself moving in a tai chi yoga type dance. The movement is slow and offers you space to stretch and for healing.

Powerful music helps you to move in each of the parts of the dance.  It is your dance, for you to move and express in the way that is right for you in each moment.  Connecting with the music, connecting with yourself and being moved by both of those connections creates the most beautiful, freeing, unique dance.

I understand you may feel self conscious but being conscious of yourself is exactly what’s invited.  You will be celebrated and supported and the more you express yourself the great the joy and delight will be. You have permission to be yourself and you will be loved and respected.

Expressive movement is so freeing, fun and so joyful and it will build your confidence and self-esteem.  It will free your body, reducing aches and pains and relax your mind too.

Contact me to enquire about joining my next transformational dance class.  These are held in Norfolk at Northwold. 

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