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My name is Nija Morgan.  I am based at Northwold in Norfolk.  I would like to thank you for visiting my site.

Why Self Transformation – because I empower and help you reconnect to your power so you your SELF are in control to make any changes to Transform your well-being and life.   

I am a Complimentary Therapist with over 30 years experience.   My Treatments offer support and will be a beneficial part of your self-care regime.

All Treatments are tailor made to help you achieve your outcome. You can have the Therapies I offer as a stand alone treatment however payment is determined by the amount of time you book and after discussion we agree on the best treatment for you. With extensive training, I have the ability to deliver what you need in every treatment session.

I am a Master of Touch so a treatment is based around the right style of massage with a combination of Reflexology, Emmett Technique and Reiki. Whether you have aches and pains, feel down, low energy, tired, unbalanced, stressed, emotional, bereaved I can adapt the treatment from a structural massage, a nurturing massage or healing massage. I treat you and what you present when you arrive, so each time you will receive a different treatment for exactly what you need that day.

Whether you are having a Holistic Massage with me, a Coaching session or attending a workshop or well-being day or on a nature mindfulness walk, you will have my full attention, total respect and confidentiality.

I offer massage therapies, coaching, well-being days, Transformational dance classes and EMM-Tech short courses in Norfolk at Northwold. I regularly run Mindfulness nature walks in beautiful locations within Norfolk.

If you have any questions about what I offer and how I can help you please do contact me.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you.

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