Forest Bathing - Mindfulness Nature Walks - Norfolk

Nature is a wonderful gift and essential for our well-being.

Walking in nature can help you slow down and start to notice what’s around you in more detail.  You will feel calmer, clearer, more grounded and connected.  It is so important to regularly bring your body and mind to a place of calm, a place where your stress can dissolve, calming your nervous system which helps you become more resilient to stress and anxiety.

In these walks, I guide you to use your five senses to engage with Nature. As you listen, see, feel and explore Natures playground, you discover a greater connection as your mind quietens and you become fully present in the moment.  All your stresses melt away and you can spend a carefree time just being YOU.

You can have a wonderful adventure and discover so much about yourself.  With awareness Nature offers guidance and reflects back messages and insights to help you.

These walks give you the opportunity to feel free, to explore, have fun, feel excited and alive in a beautiful, peaceful place.

Being mindful helps you become fully present in the moment.  It allows you to give your full attention to what you are doing.  It creates a deeper connection to yourself and to others and you become more aware which helps you live life in the now. Living in the now reduces stress because we know what exists in this very moment and we can act accordingly to what’s real. Too often our minds travel back to the past causing anxiety or to the future causing us to worry.

With mind, body connections and mindful activities you can learn to live in the reality of the present moment.

I regularly run Mindfulness nature walks in beautiful Norfolk. Please contact me to find out when you can join me on a walk taking place soon.

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